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Repentance leads to Abundance – Episode #260

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Episode #260
Guest Call-in: +1 (206) 806-9900

Episode Title: Repentance leads to Abundance
Episode Subject: Accessing the supernatural provision of God

Description: In tonight’s broadcast you will discover how personal and corporate (church) repentance can lead to the supernatural provision of God. You will also learn exactly what the Bible declares about the incredible provision God has in store for His people. All this and more in tonight’s broadcast.

Join us for a dynamic time before the LORD. Receive powerful revelation and impartation as we seek the Word of the LORD. We will minister to callers by prayer and prophetic ministry.

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Message Notes:
Tonight’s message is mostly from Joel 2

Joel 2:19
(19) Yea, the LORDH3068 will answerH6030 and sayH559 unto his people,H5971 Behold,H2009 I will sendH7971 you(H853) corn,H1715 and wine,H8492 and oil,H3323 and ye shall be satisfiedH7646 therewith:H854 and I will noH3808 moreH5750 makeH5414 you a reproachH2781 among the heathen:H1471

Joel 2:23
(23) Be gladH1523 then, ye childrenH1121 of Zion,H6726 and rejoiceH8055 in the LORDH3068 your God:H430 forH3588 he hath givenH5414 you(H853) the former rainH4175 moderately,H6666 and he will cause to come downH3381 for you the rain,H1653 the former rain,H4175 and the latter rainH4456 in the firstH7223 month.

From H1711; properly increase, that is, grain: – corn ([floor]), wheat.
תִּירֹשׁ תִּירוֹשׁ
tı̂yrôsh tı̂yrôsh
tee-roshe’, tee-roshe’
From H3423 in the sense of expulsion; must or fresh grape juice (as just squeezed out); by implication (rarely) fermented wine: – (new, sweet) wine.
From H6671; oil (as producing light); figuratively anointing: – + anointed, oil.
From H3384; an archer; also teacher or teaching; also the early rain (see H3138): (early) rain.

From H6663; rightness (abstractly), subjectively (rectitude), objectively (justice), morally (virtue) or figuratively (prosperity): – justice, moderately, right (-eous) (act, -ly, -ness).

From H1652; a shower: – rain, shower.

From H3953; the spring rain (compare H3954); figuratively eloquence: – latter rain.

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