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Shift Your Paradigm – 2020 Episode #259

Episode Subject: Preparing for life as a conqueror

Description: In this episode, we will talk about changing our mindset. It’s a new season. A place we have not been to before. The desert is no longer our home and we need to shift from a survival mode mentality to being King’s and Priests before the LORD. We are to be more than conquerors.

Join us for a dynamic time before the LORD. Receive powerful revelation and impartation as we seek the Word of the LORD. We will minister to callers by prayer and prophetic ministry.

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Message Notes:
Joshua 3:3 Follow the Glory – The presence of the LORD (Not signs and wonders)
Joshua 3:4 Watch – You haven’t been this way before
Joshua 3:5 Sanctify yourselves – God will do wonders

Joshua 4:6 Leave a sign – History for generations after – prepare for future generations.
Joshua 4:24 Making provision for future generations.

Joshua 5 – circumcision is about covenant
Joshua 5:9 Gilgal – rolling away reproach/shame – coming out of survival mode
Joshua 5:12 – No more spiritual welfare

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